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Originally Posted by TDmvp View Post
Over under on if Espn fires Chis Broussard for his comments on OTL ??

Figure they will get major pressure for it.

I'd say that what he said was not out of line, mainly because of the way he stated it. There is nothing wrong with his view point, and the way he stated it should not cause controversy (but it probably will because people love to complain).

Rob Parker on the other hand, I'd say that his point about RGIII was not all that off base, but the way he stated it, he totally stuck his foot in his mouth.

When you're talking about a sensitive issues, you have to be careful how you speak about that issue. Chris Broussard stated his point properly, and he was really smart to include pre-marital sex between a man and woman. That took away anybody's point that he was gay bashing. And he also gave the impression that just because he doesn't agree with somebody's lifestyle, he could still get along with them.
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