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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
You're going to have to point out to me how... intellectually inconsistent with disagreeing with the Boumediene decision. What (in your mind) is the inconsistency here?

And on to point two... you've built a case that McCain could no longer be supported because he once spoke somewhere that once had something to do with someone you didn't like. Glad the fate of the nation rests on such weighty issues.
Okay let's start with number two, because that's the most obvious one, and because number two is a euphemism for a turd, which is what you're purposely being.

The issue is about McCain himself. In 2000, he spoke out against religious extremism. In 2006 he magically patched things up with the same person he condemned. If you don't think that's politically motivated, you're a bigger idiot than you led us to believe.

Now why is this relevant? Do you honestly think someone as vocal about anti-establishment religion would have voted for Al "big ass Christian from Tennessee, married to Tipper 'you sell it, I censor it'" Gore and Joe Freaking Lieberman over a guy who went on record saying religious extremism should be silenced? I can tell you that that alone was enough.
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