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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Not much to elaborate really. Irving was moved to back up Von on the outside because you've got more space and less traffic to go through so his weakeness in fighting off blockers wouldn't show up as much.

At Mike you've got to be able to take on blockers and at least show the willingness to go through traffic in the run game because they can come at you from either side of the offense. If you spend too much time trying to go around blocks then it leaves running lanes open for the ball carrier to exploit.

That's why the team had Mays, Brooking and then DJ playing ahead of Irving at Mike last year because even those limited players showed better physicality in the run game. We already have better coverage LBers than Irving in Woodyard/Von and now Phillips is backing up Von so Irving has to play more physical at Mike to hang on the roster.
Hmmm... like I said, I don't remember the Broncos saying anything about Irving not being physical enough to play MLB and so this is why they moved him. If you have some kind of link to prove this, I'd love to see it. If anything, Irving was overly aggressive! I do recall them moving Irving behind Von but that was because Irving had good ability and they needed to get him on the field so they moved him behind Von as he was not adjusting to the MLB well enough, at least, this is my theory. Of course, I might be wrong but I'd love to see an article or something that reinforces what you are saying.
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