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Wow. So you're really going to pretend that Limbaugh doesn't have much sway in the GOP? That GOP politicians haven't frequently shown fear of, or deference towards, the king of right wing radio? Have you seen what he's beein doing to Rubio lately? I could give you hundreds of examples. Here's just a few.
See, this is what I'm talking about. As evidence of who has real influence in the Republican Party, you cite three openly-liberal sources convincing themselves that Rush is enemy #1.

As I said, there's a list of people Liberals think are the most influential, and then there are those who actually are.

I'm not saying Rush doesn't have his base, and there's some influence there. But every neighborhood campaign worker in America has some level of 'influence' You guys like to pretend guys like Rush sit in back rooms, chomping cigars, deciding which way the party is going to head. There's just no evidence to back that up. Rush supported Romney in '08 when Romney lost. Rush OPPOSED Romney in '12 when Romney won.

Rush was at his peak in the 90's, influence wise, while he was breaking new ground in editorial news coverage. Now he's just another one of many voices out in the 24/7 news wilderness. Even if his ego has yet to realize it.
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