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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
I do find it fascinating that straight guys are supposed to be totally okay with being naked around gay guys in showers/locker rooms, but no one would ever have that expectation of women regarding them having to share showers/locker rooms with straight men. It's a very strange double standard that seems to completely deny reality. I've had extensive experience living and working with openly gay men at an intentional community and the fact is that it can be awkward and uncomfortable and some gay men most definitely do enjoy the view (just as straight men would enjoy the view if they shared a locker room with women). As usual, errand is ham-fistedly addressing a topic, but there is something to it, and if it makes a straight guy uncomfortable that doesn't mean he is homophobic.
In our society, neither gender is expected to share a locker room with members of the opposite gender. However, the "double standard" you're trying to claim simply isn't there; it's possible and even probable that lesbians might see other ladies in showers at gyms or schools. And as long as they don't do more than just look, I'm ok with that. It's not all that different from noticing that a heterosexual man was looking down your shirt... and that happens all the time. It "comes with the territory" of having boobs and guys (generally being taller) having a "bird's eye view".
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