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LB was a head scratcher to me also, but I guess they really do like the Irving/Johnson/Bradley combo at MLB. They're working more towards a smaller faster LB corps, playing more in the nickle set with the DB's. Bigger DL, let the smaller LB's fly to the ball. They do have some sure tacklers with Woodyard and Trevathan. Maybe that's why they like this Tayvon Webster, he's a tackler, and he's a big guy, 5'11, 195 pounds, fast, versatile.
Irving and Jonson are inexperienced, drafting another rookie might not help the cause. If Denver does not like the progress Irving/Johnson are making then they can always get a vet to come in and play the position. Whether is is Brooking or Urlacher or any other of a number of MLBs that will get ciut during training camp. Brooking played excellent for Denver last year. I would not mind if they brought him back in.
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