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Never understood the ragging this guy gets.

2400 yards, 17 TDs, 9 INTs, 12 rushing TDs, and 1,000 yards rushing for what was essentially his first "year"? That is some healthy production for a young buck.

Kickstarting a dead run-game? Going into the playoffs and actually winning? Not bad. Much better than Joe Webb, who is still gainfully employed, mind you. Or Blaine Gabbert, the wuss, whiner, and blamer in Jacksonville.

He's better than most backups and a few starters in the league. Dude's a proven threat with a run-heavy offense. I would be interested to see what he could do paired up with Trent Richardson + Browns defense in Cleveland. That said, if an athlete of that caliber totally washes out of the league I will be shocked.
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