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Originally Posted by errand View Post
now that's funny...I don't care who you are.

Here's something that a lot of "gay rights" people can't explain.....

Heterosexual whites are the ones generally classified as "homophobic".....

However black voters turned out in full force to defeat gay marriage in almost every state it's been defeated in......which should make every gay who believes otherwise to be angry at the black community for denying them their "rights"

so are they "homophobic" or are you "racist"?

They are not homophobic and I am not racist. They simply disagree. I wont ever accuse someone of being homophobic simply because they do not condone my lifestyle. And frankly I could care less of they do or not.

I tend to save my anger for instances of actual homophobia. Not wanting to be checked out is not homophobic. A bit naive, but not in itself homophobic.

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