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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
Because you assume a homosexual cannot or will not control their impulses. And as I said before...if you have played sports or used a locker room in a gym, you have been checked out. Amazingly, you made it out without being made uncomfortable or even made aware it happened.

You also seem to be assuming that a gay athlete is only an athlete to check out straight athletes, which suggests you think that a gay person is incapable of the same drives or competitiveness as a straight guy.

Which is borderline ignorant. Not homophobic. Which seems to be important to you, but just ignorant.

I'm not assuming just said that if I've ever been in a public shower or locker room that I've been checked someone is assuming that gay men can't control their eyes. I never said that they can't control their "impulses".

I'm sure if there had been a gay guy in any shower or locker room I've been in that once or twice maybe more my junk had been checked out....that's not the point.

My point is if I don't like it, why am I called a homophobe?

I have nothing against him...he wants to smoke a pole that's his choice. but if he's looking at my junk, how does my not liking it and feeling uncomfortable about it make me a homophobe?

Same thing if a woman catches a man peeking down her blouse to see her she suffering from heterophobia or is the guy a chump for making her feel uncomfortable? Stuff like that doesn't make a happy work environment, and the NBA and NFL, and MLB lockerrooms and showers are part of the work place.
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