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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
errand are you OK with showering with a gay guy that isn't out of the closet yet or do you really think that they only will ogle you out if they are out of the closet?

Hey!?! Why are you looking at my dick while we shower! Are you a gay?

Nope, man I like vagina.

Oh, OK then.

Haven't had to be in the showers with other men since my USMC days....and if there were any gay guys in the shower with me, I have no idea. But that's not my point is the constant labeling of heterosexuals who prefer not to be ogled by a gay man as being "homophobic"

I'm just saying that it's not "homophobic" to not want to shower with openly gay's just a heterosexual man being a heterosexual man. I'd wager that the majority of heterosexual or gay women wouldn't want to shower with any men be they straight or gay.....does that mean they suffer from some kind of phobia or is their natural reaction?
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