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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Not wanting some gay guy checking out my big dick or firm ass and salivating over it doesn't make me an makes me a heterosexual male. why can't you be more tolerant of heterosexuals?
awww, poor guy. that you assume all people are slobbering reprobates around those they are attracted to says more about you than it says about a gay NFL player, who likely does not have much of a problem finding people to whom he is attracted that are willing to have sex with him. and something tells me you don't feel too sorry for the women you stare at. and that if someone told you that you shouldn't be staring a them, you'd 1) call them gay, and 2) tell them to **** off. don't act like a child. gay people should be denied career paths that they are qualified for because they make meeee uncomfortableeeee wwaaaaahhhhhh

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