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Whatever still there is no reason to dis Tebow. He gave us a great deal of excitement and his amazing late game play got us to the playoffs and a big win over the Steelers. He washed out of the league a year later, so what, as Bronco fans we should be appreciative of what he did not dumping on him. Cutler was right, a bunch of 6's at best.

There's going to be broncos fans that don't like former players. Lord knows how many hate Marshall and Cutler. I know they aren't the genuine person that tebow is off the field but what matters on the field is all I care about. Just cause he's a great human being off the field shouldn't give him a pass for on the field. He was a part of the turnaround for this team but IMO he wasn't the reason. Your saying there's no reason to diss tebow. I got a few reasons. His fumbles. His accuracy. His lack of defensive reads. His mechanics. Holding onto the ball too long. Not going through progressions. All are ON the field legit complaints. If that's labeled dissing then so be it.

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