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Originally Posted by errand View Post
so being into women instead of men makes us "homophobic"?

so does you being into guys instead of women make you "femmephobic"?

Why can't you clowns accept and become more tolerant of women?

Just as a woman doesn't like some guy ogling her boobs or ass, heterosexual males don't like other males ogling our penises or asses, etc....

that doesn't make us makes us heterosexual.
The bolded is funny. Straight men have this irrational fear that if they are in the same space as a gay man their chance of being sexually assaulted goes up. That is part of the argument against gays in sports. I guarantee every single athlete at any level from highschool up in any sport at one time or another has been seen bare assed naked by a gay man and managed to escape with their dignity intact.

I can understand your point, who wants to be ogled by people they are not sexually in to, but that does not change the reality that it will happen.

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