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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by errand View Post
so being into women instead of men makes us "homophobic"?

so does you being into guys instead of women make you "femmephobic"?

Why can't you clowns accept and become more tolerant of women?

Just as a woman doesn't like some guy ogling her boobs or ass, heterosexual males don't like other males ogling our penises or asses, etc....

that doesn't make us makes us heterosexual.
You clowns? You realize I'm straight, right? This is the atypical response I was referring to. Do you think a gay man can't control his eyes? Obviously they can if they have been in the closet in proffesional sports for years. In this specific case Jason Collins twin brother didn't even know he was gay.

Way to prove my point though, I hope this was sarcasm.

You can't even fathom a straight man justifying a case for the acceptance of another persons sexual orientation, so you call them gay; classic!

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