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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Totally agree.

I've always been baffled by the concept of "hate crimes". I mean a serial killer who targets women and tortures and violates them before killing them would be more guilty of a hate-motivated crime than anyone as far as I'm concerned, yet I've never seen anyone classify it as such. Many violent crimes are hate-induced, but only a select few are actually classified as "hate crimes". It's a non-nonsensical notion that has no logical basis, and should not be part of our legal system.
the reason they call them "hate crimes" is to put the spotlight on white people who commit senseless violent crimes against non-whites, or gays, or Muslims, etc.... because evidently whites are the only ones who are capable of racism, and hatred of people who are unlike them

I cannot recall a solitary black person who killed a white person ever being charged with a "hate crime"

I cannot recall a solitary gay person who killed a white heterosexual person (or any person for that matter) ever being charged with a "hate crime"

I cannot recall a solitary Muslim who killed a white person, black person, or Christian, or non-Muslim ever being charged with a "hate crime"

Not saying it hasn't happened.....but I'm willing to bet that anyone other than a heterosexual caucasian male being charged with a hate crime are few and far between

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