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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Irving has so far struggled with the same thing he did in college: Taking on blockers and driving through them instead of going around them.

That's why he was moved to backup Von because he's good enough, and agile enough to move around in space but at Mike we need a guy in our base defense that runs through blockers rather than looking to side step them and abandoning his gap responsibility.

Well, Elway pretty much spelled it out for Irving when he publicly stated that Phillips would backup Von and play some DE as well so Irving can no longer hang onto a roster spot as a backup OLB but earn his living at Mike.
So in another thread you bash me for pointing out that some of this FO's higher picks look questionable, and here you are (unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying) agreeing with me on Irving. You also said in the other thread that Hillman was the only questionable pick. So was Irving a questionable pick or not? Which is it?
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