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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
This is just an attempt to show "winners" for the draft game in terms of actual NFL draft value. We can absolutely have winners at that right now since all the results are in.

Now, in terms of which players turn out to be great and all that, I'm definitely not trying to grade or predict that because it's impossible. And that's a whole different set of bragging rights. You best believe I'm pulling for Eric Martin to light up Saints camp.

My goal here was to come up with a grading system that rewards draftniks for scouting players and then accurately placing that value within the confines of the NFL draft, which is extremely hard to do. I'm very impressed by the top GMs. Regardless of score though, I thought everyone put forth a great effort. Especially those that participted all the way through UDFA.

Yep I agree with you. Reached your goal and did a great job at it too
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