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Sounds the same to me as a Marxist apologizing for the Soviet Union. "Full of the best intentions"

However, I've never seen a prominent Marxist rationalize the Gulag. Here's Mises writing away all of the needless violence and torture at the hands of dictators:

“The deeds of the Fascists and of other parties corresponding to them were emotional reflex actions evoked by indignation at the deeds of the Bolsheviks and Communists. As soon as the first flush of anger had passed, their policy took a more moderate course and will probably become even more so with the passage of time” - Mises

"The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history."
- Ludwig Von Mises

I don't think you could be any more wrong, thankfully for him Austrian Economists don't consider history or evidence.
You do realize that this stuff was written in 1929, don't you? Most of the really really bad stuff European fascists did was not only unknown to most people, but hadn't even really happened yet. How exactly was he supposed to denounce them for things they hadn't even done yet?
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