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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
This is how the trade went down:

Belichick: "Mark, listen up, we want to swing a trade for this guy Demps, he doesn't want to play football but he can run like a mother****er."

Mark Dominik: "Bill, long time no see, how is the family holding up? did you ever get that snafu with Faust sorted out?"

Belichick: "Doing just fine, been drinking the blood of the innocent just like the Dr ordered. That whole Faust business is taken care of now. Listen, Mark, Demps, the kids love him and he played in Florida recently so some of your fans may still remember his name, at least the ones who aren't outright senile."

Mark Dominik: "Hmmm, well we could use a fast guy for sure, but if he doesn't want to play football I can't really offer you much in return. How about this though, you get our slow fat guy who shows up late, and we get your skinny fast guy who doesn't show up at all?"

Belichick: "You got a deal broseph, I knew we could work something out."
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