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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
No way. Poyer. He must have some secret past that got out at the combine or interview terribly or get a -6 on the Wonderlic.
I think its close. The medical issues turned off people on Williams, he was severely downgraded and I did not know that pre-draft. He had some minor issues, but his INDY medical left a lot of docs crossing him off lists due to Durability concerns for some reason. I will find out exactly in a couple of weeks. I knew SOMETHING was up when Mayock had him rated so low on his top 100, like 97.

Poyer looked like a Stud early in the process but had slid way down boards out of the top 100 altogether in a lot of cases, but I am still not sure why? I'll check on that one too.
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