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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Well, to be fair, I do have a lot of faith in Masai Ujiri. I think he's the best GM in Denver, with all apologies to John Elway. We haven't had him running this team in year's past. So I'm still with the team, I'm still excited for the future. I think he's an incredibly bright guy who can lead us somewhere.

Anyways, regarding my last post, if anybody wants lower level tickets (anywhere from 1 to 4) for face value, shoot me a PM. It can all be done electronically through flashseats.
What has he done since he was hired? He didn't draft Lawson. He traded Melo. You have McGhee and Dano earning $10+ million per year. You have Miller earning 5+ million for another two years. Nuggets are a whole lot of nothing that cannot play in the playoffs.
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