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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by baja View Post
Sad that this is even considered news - IMO it should be who cares...
It's always news when something happens for the first time. It would be nice if it isn't headline worthy in a decade or two, but for now it is a barrier nobody has crossed in the major 4 sports. You can't say "who cares" when there is obviously enough controversy and fear surrounding coming out as a pro athlete that we've never seen an active NBA player do so. It would be ridiculous not to cover it as a significant event.

Edit: And I would add that the fan reaction of "it doesn't personally matter to me who a player is attracted to so why is this a story?" missed the point entirely. You may have been a-ok with having a black player on your favorite team pre-integration, but when it is still a major taboo among much of the culture it is a big deal. And carries risk for that person crossing the barrier.

I'm not a big NBA fan, or someone who really knew Collins before today, but it's silly to filter the newsworthiness of an event through its personal impact on yourself.

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