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I think teams give up on players too early at times. Broncos don't seem too be doing that. There is a realistic shot of having 6 defensive starters from the last 3 draft this year (Wolfe, Sly, Von, Irving, Carter, Moore) with a few other making Key contributions to Nickle/Dime or as rotation guys (Jackson, Trevathon, Bolden, Harris (FA)).

On the offensive side they have Franklin, Ball and Hillman ready to make an impact. They haven't had as many offensive picks, but they have given the other young guy a better chance to succeed. People were ready to give up on Walton and Beadles. Look at how much Decker and Thomas have progressed.

I trust this front office and coaching staff so much more than the previous one. Most picks they have made have been good value, and all have adressed need.

In regards to this draft, with the exception of Sly and Ball, you have to be patient. Broncos were a 13-3 team last year on the cusp of the super bowl. The only real starter they lost was Dumerville. They have 2 potential starters coming off injuries that weren't last of their run (Carter and Walton). And they signed 3 starters to upgrade in the off-season (knighton, DRC, welker). There isn't as much room for an immediate impact as the last 2 years.

If you're upset about the draft, get over it. If it's because you like one rb/cb better than who they drafted, give these guys a chance. If it's because you think they needed a lb or safety, Broncos D was awesome with Brooking, moore in his second year and Adams. Can what they put out next year really be a downgrade from that?
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