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Well, you get yourself in trouble around here from time to time

Serioulsy though, you were very high on him pre-draft. I was high on him, but I still hate drafting Injured players. However, 50% of the credible pass rushers this year were injured severely so they end up being good value if you can stash them and are deep enough to cover them.

Still pissed I missed the medicals on Jesse Williams. I read them, but did NOT think they would drop him since he has already worked out on the knee and was impressive despite being out of shape. SHEESH! My worst pick by far in 10 years of draft studying. However, the one thing we really do not get is accurate medical information. Even me with my sources, I do not probe the medical stuff because of the privacy issues.

Oh well, I did really well on the rest of the draft. I just could not enjoy it as I watched Williams free fall. Worst draft weekend for me ever.
I don't know the background on you, but it seems as if your privied to some quality sources, tape, insider stuff.. Care to catch me up on what you'd like to share?
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