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Malik Jackson

Smith is just who I thought DEN would go After. At least in player type

There were 4-5 PRS types I thought DEN would take a chance in the middle rounds, and Smith fits the bill perfectly. The difference between Smith and the others is he has a much better frame to manipulate into a 4-3 DE. He does fit as a DE, where the others would be mostly PRS only.

He is not a complete player, by any means. He was a designated penetrator in college, someone who did not have to play the run every down, and it showed. However, I am not so sure he does not posess the skills to do it. It was more like Dumervil in LOU, he was given the green light to penetrate and go after the QB in his scheme.

I really like the pick, especially since they covered him with Shaun Phillips for this year if the Injury is not healed in time. I think his best football is ahead of him, and he showed nice career progression and the ability to beat NFL talent in college.
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