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Malik Jackson

I wanted one of 4 WR's in the middle rounds:

Aaron Dobson
Markus Wheaton
Chris Harper
Tavarres King

These guys had subpar offenses and QB's tossing them ball in College, but stood out on tape.

For King: He is smart as hell and one of the most refined route runners in this draft if not the best. He gets seperation naturally, and that will be a huge bonus at the next level. His tape is great, and his senior bowl practices were shockingly good. He has the tremendous potential to be a minimum #2 WR in the NFL and DEN just added him to Manning and its already deadly WR corp.

This is my Favorite pick by far from this draft, however Williams and Ball are going to be the most productive this year. King can just train, work with Manning AND Osweiler running the scout squad, and learn the NFL game this year. And, if we have an injury to WR, he would be able to come in immediately and get seperation at the next level IMHO. Something even most elite College WR's struggle to do in their first year.
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