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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Schism View Post
Hard to see a team taking him on to be the backup, as has been said before there's too much nonsense that goes with him to be worth it.

It'll be insane if this is the end of him though, when you think about it. Second year QB, a first round draft pick no less, takes over a 1-4 football team and leads them to the playoffs, winning a postseason game to cap it all off. He's then traded for nothing and is never given another shot in the league.

Anything like that ever happened before?
If it was the 4th quarter he led the team, but if the defense hadn't kept scores so close and the Broncos in the game, he'd have never had a chance to do that last minute winning run.

As far as giving 110% there were lots of rumblings that he never took opportunities for off season learning experiences offered to him or working with his teams. I have nothing against the kid either and wish him much success in his future endeavors but seeing as everyone knew the Jets were getting rid of him and no one has come forward I think his NFL days are over.
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