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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
My Broncos draft grade is :

Worth more anyway.

I feel like they had last year in their minds where moving back cost them Martin, so they stayed put, but didnt move up when guys were falling either.

Just seems like we were a bit timid in our approach. Reminds me of the last minute of regulation of....

If we go get Dansby though, then they will have done everything possible this offseason, so fingers crossed!
Two questions then:

1. Who would you want to move up for?

2. What other selections do you sacrifice to do so?

I think Williams was clearly one of their top targets. He was good value at #28 and an excellent system fit. They had damn near their pick of the litter for RB in round 2 and chose Ball, a position that was clearly a high priority for them.

So maybe Kayvon Webster, but I doubt the FO panicked and just threw a name out there because their other targets were gone. Agree or Disagree, it's clear that Russell and co. (who as I said before hit on Harris and Carter as UDFA nobodies) REALLY liked Webster and didn't feel like they could afford to lose him.

If the odds were 75:25 that he makes it to our 4th round pick and 50:50 that he makes it to our 5th round pick, but the scouts/FO believe there is a greater chance than anyone else on the board at our 3rd round pick of him being a long term starter is it really wrong to over-pick and avoid that risk entirely?

They clearly are high on the guy. Now it's time for him to prove their faith to be well founded. If he fails I'm sure Elway will modify how he views our scouts future CB evaluations, but if the guys who identified Chris Harris come to you and say "we love this guy, he'll start for us from year 2 to year 10 of his career" how do you not grab him?
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