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I have a feeling Bray will remain in obscurity as an NFL player most likely. How many qb's go from udfa to quality starter. Once in a blue moon I suppose.

As for Bob and his mancrushes ......

Gunther was the defensive god of war.

Pat Surtain was the answer and equal to Champ Bailey.

Sammy Knight's stats put him in rare air with Ed Reed once upon a time.

Kendrell Bell - I was advised to install new deadbolts as this man was that fearsome at one time.

Samie Parker steal of the draft.

Brodie Croyle. Strongest arm in the NFL.

Even Ryan Sims was always on the verge of an all pro blossom.

If you notice how dated the names I mention are, ill bet you can see when I quit paying attention to superfans hype.
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