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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
I didn't say Elway's drafting was poor. I said he's drafted three starters in two drafts. 16 draft picks the first two years and Elway got three starters - Von, Wolfe, Orlando Franklin. You can count Rahim if you like, that makes four starters.

Back to back AFC West Titles, and Elway's starters from the draft were Franklin and Von year one. Year two the only starter was Derek Wolfe. The facts are the facts. Elway built on a half-ass team already, added some draft picks, but added much more in FA. Had to FA Dreesen and Tamme the starting TE's because Julius Thomas and Virgil Green were bunk. Had to FA Keith Brooking because Nate Irving and Mike Mohamed were bunk, thought so little of Nate Irving he signed Joe Mays to a big contract.
The important thing is that the high draft picks are starting or getting significant time as is the case with Rahim. I don't know why anybody would hold it against him that two late round TE's drafted on potential would be out done by a set of proven free agents.

If Carter can come back healthy and play well we're looking at four major contributors from the 2011 class. Not too bad. If Irving shows up we'll be at five which would be great.

As it is I would say Irving is the closest thing to a failure as far as the draft is concerned but due to his injuries he suffered in college his first year was never going to amount to much. He's had basically one year where they might expect anything out of him. We'll see what happens this year. He obviously needs to prove himself.
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