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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Woodward would be ILB,Phillips OLB . OLBs in a 3-4 are the pass rushers which is why Phillips was signed.

S. Williams would be NT. Vickerson/unrien would be R.DE.
You trust Woodyard with the inside rush defense?

If the Broncos blitz Phillips, the LBs look like last year with Irving taking over the mike LB. If you blitz Von, Irving takes the sam LB roll which he backed up last year and Phillips takes the mike LB roll and he has better size and experience to take on the rush. Well that my thought.


Why Sly as Nose? He's not the biggest at 315, Vickerson is bugger at 330+. And you would waste Sly's quick 1st step against double teams instead of maybe getting single match against tackles.

P.S. Of course we are asumming we're playing in a 3-4 even set.

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