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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
I also love the criticisms of Ball being an "overworked back," while Leveon Bell wasn't. Just check the facts here, Bell had more carries than Ball last year, but gets no criticism for being "overworked" or "run down."

I would have been completely happy with either guy, but the criticisms of Montee Ball seem unfounded. He has had a large number of carries, yet has a tremendous YPC average for so much work. He has been more productive, for longer, than the other backs in this draft.

I'm pumped. Seriously, I think this season I will probably be buying my first Broncos RB jersey since Portis. This kid is going to be spectacular in an offense with so many deadly weapons. I remember drooling over this kid in 2011. He can be absolutely phenomenal if our guards do a good job of setting him up.
Broncos don't care anyways. If they can run him into the ground over the next 3 yrs, win a superbowl, then his legs fall off they would already have another back ready to go. They like him because he has the 900 carries. They figure they can see how he holds on to the ball and that he has the experience to step right in and carry the ball 15-20 times a game this yr.

Broncos are not worrying about 5-6 yrs down the road right now. To worry one back has a few hundred more college carries and might not last as long is a joke.
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