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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
We were 13-3 and signed a bunch of free agents who will start for us. Maybe two of these guys will get any kind of playing time. People forget that Fox doesn't like to play rookies. He let's them learn for a year, so you may see some rookies from last year show up this season.

It is also why I was laughing at everyone who said our entire draft was ruined when we traded our fourth round pick away. Like that pick was the linchpin of our championship run...
Elway has done better in FA (the Peyton Manning effect), than in the draft. People don't like to acknowledge this, but Elway inherited a half-ass decent team, and still has a lot of the same players and coaches. Elway has only drafted a few starters, Von, Franklin, Wolfe.

You can count Rahim Moore as a starter in his second year, but it's questionable if he'll be signed to a second contract, IMO. Quinton Carter got some playing time and he's a good depth guy. Elway drafted two TE's his first year, both of them got supplanted as starters by FA's Dreessen and Tamme in Elway's second year.

Omar Bolden could be a starter at some point, they let him play a few snaps in relief of Chris Harris at RCB as a rookie, and it looks like he does have decent coverage skills, certainly contributed well on ST's.

Nate Irving hasn't been able to crack the starting lineup as a 3rd-rounder, dude has like 4 tackles in 2 years, that includes ST play. Both Dennis Allen and JDR tried to work him in, had to go FA with Brooking and thought so little of Irving they signed Joe Mays to a big contract.

Philip Blake, Malik Jackson, Jeremy Beal, role players and ST'rs IMO. Trevathan looks like a keeper as a role player, could even call him a "starter" in a nickle defense.

Ronnie Hillman? If the guy can't pass block and doesn't produce dramatically elsewhere he may not be worth a second contract. He didn't do either his first year.
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