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If SD and whomever likes like their draft that's fine with me. They filled some needs with good players like Teo and Keenan Allen, but DJ Fluker isn't an NFL LT from all I'm hearing. So they spent #11 on an RT, albeit a good run blocker. But they're in a Div with Von Miller and Justin Houston coming at that RT. Maybe Fluker will be good at LT, only time will tell.

Oakland helped themselves with little ammo, DJ Hayden got a lot of love pre-draft, Menelik Watson could turn out to be a pretty good player with some experience. Sio Moore got a lot of love predraft, same with Tyler Wilson.

KC, well, it doesn't look real good on paper. Fisher is a lateral move, but cheaper and younger than Branden Albert. Their second pick is a TE, and they did need another TE. Knile Davis is a little iffy from what I'm hearing, Sanders Commings is an adequate guy I guess. They had a decent roster to begin with though, certainly much better than their 2-14 season reflected. It all depends on a new coaching staff and Alex Smith. And if Jon Baldwin can finally produce. They grabbed that Donnie Avery guy in FA, they better hope he pans out better than Andre Caldwell did for Denver, and again Baldwin.

Denver obviously added one key guy with Sly, and a solid chain-mover with Montee Ball to shore up a kind of iffy RB rotation, a CB as their 3rd pick that is more of a future guy than an immediate impact guy, but he's a kick returner also and that always helps to have a versatile guy like that in round 3. A WR in King that looks to be fairly polished, will contribute immediately as an ST gunner and possible returner to replace Matt Willis. Apparently King isn't afraid to go into the middle of the field, should be a versatile guy if needed. Kind of a future pick also as a 5th rounder. Quanterus, who knows? Good risk/reward player with a 5th rounder. Dysert is good value in the 7th round, they needed a 3rd QB to replace Hanie and really, can he possibly be any worse? Cheap 3rd QB. Painter can possibly be an upgrade at OT, has the measureables. What the hell, a 6th rounder.
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