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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post

I watch a lot of their games. Not many guys like Torts. That ship is run by the respected captain Callahan.

It's not a secret that Torts is the type of guy who wears out his welcome because of his style.

As for my ovie comment, it wasn't that the rangers are a joke defense. My point was that they rely on McDonagh with the role of shutting down ovie like the Bruins with Chara. He is very effective at playing ovechkin; and so my point was that Oates will have to mastermind a plan of attack that makes Ovechkin less predictable for McDonagh, just like he has this season.

That was my point, not a slight on the rangers defense. Just a key for the caps if they want to advance.
I say my comment again, Cally, Henrik, Stepan, and the team leaders are firmly behind Torts. So is the origination, this isn't a Keenan type situation.

Mac hasn't even been the best player on defense this year.......MDZ has.
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