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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i dunno, its uber awesome seeing bob do so well in columbus too.

I heard briere pulled his kids out of local rep hockey, and its expected that he will be bought out.

his 2 years left are harder to take then 9 more for bryzaster
Maybe not this year but I'm guessing next summer they will buy him out. Personally I'd do it this year and reclaim his cap space now and shore up the D. If Mason plays at a level remotely close to what he's doing now, he'll get 3-4 million for his next contract and there's no way you carry 10 million in cap space between the two of them.

Bryz and his contract are both just brutal.

Oliver has been real good. He could be in top 4 next year if he cleans his game as you said and quits taking awful penalties.
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