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Matt Paradis

Sigh... I think this was probably my worst performance in six years of doing this. For some reason, my criteria for offensive linemen seems to be different from what NFL teams are using -- both Barrett Jones and Alvin Bailey had horrific slides on draft day. Also, for the first time ever, NONE of my UDFA's were taken in the regular portion of the draft. Ouch.

1-15 (015): Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia (selected by the Steelers at #17) -2
2-18 (048): Barrett Jones, OC/OG/OT, Alabama (selected by the Rams at #113) -65
4-15 (112): Earl Wolff, S, North Carolina State (selected by the Eagles at #136) -24
4-18 (115): Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse (selected by the Giants at #110) +5
4-29 (126): Alvin Bailey, OG, Arkansas (not drafted, UDFA of Seahawks) -129
5-17 (150): Josh Boyce, WR, TCU (selected by the Patriots at #102) +48
6-13 (181): Ty Powell, OLB, Harding (selected by the Seahawks at #231) -50
6-38 (206): Zac Stacy, RB, Vanderbilt (selected by the Rams at #160) +46
7-17 (223):Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook (not drafted, UDFA of Eagles) -32
7-20 (226): Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers (not drafted, UDFA of Bears) -29

UDFA: Eric Breitenstein, FB, Wofford (not drafted, UDFA of Browns)
UDFA: Jordan Roberts, RB, Charleston (not drafted, UDFA of Chiefs)
UDFA: Josh Hill, TE, Idaho State (not drafted, UDFA of Saints)
UDFA: R.J. Mattes, OT, NC State (not drafted, UDFA of Redskins)
UDFA: Chris McDonald, OG, Michigan State (not drafted, UDFA of Patriots)
UDFA: Ryan Schraeder, OT, Valdosta (not drafted, UDFA of Falcons)
UDFA: Taylor Reed, ILB, SMU (not drafted, UDFA of Cowboys)
UDFA: Nick Driskill, S, Mount Union (not drafted, UDFA of Colts)
UDFA: Devin Smith, CB, Wisconsin (not drafted, UDFA of Cowboys)

UDFA2: Taylor Housewright, QB, Ashland (not drafted, not signed by any team)
UDFA2: Tyron Laughinghouse, WR, St. Augstine (not drafted, not signed by any team)
UDFA2: Eric Rogers, WR, Cal Lutheran (not drafted, UDFA of Cowboys)
UDFA2: Marquis Jackson, DE, Portland State (not drafted, UDFA of Vikings)
UDFA2: Dave Kruger, DE/DT, Utah (not drafted, UDFA of Browns)
UDFA2: Matt Evans, ILB, New Hampshire (not drafted, UDFA of Eagles)
UDFA2: Paul Worrilow, ILB, Delaware (not drafted, UDFA of Falcons)
UDFA2: Dexter Davis, OLB, Friends (not drafted, not signed by any team)
UDFA2: Dustin Harris, CB, Texas A&M (not drafted, UDFA of Cowboys)
UDFA2: Ryan McWethey, S, Wisconsin-Platteville (not drafted, UDFA of Browns)

Overall: -232 points.

I suck.
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