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He's a third down rusher.... which is really what Doom was, he was just really good at the one thing.

This is a much better value signing, that allows a very solid starter in Ayers get a final chance to prove himself (in a contract year).

Our line will be rotational next year, but when you look at the base package and notice Williams weighed in a 323 in ESPN Sports Science our line is freaking huge:

RDE: Ayers (275), UT: Williams (323), NT: Knighton (335), LDE: Wolfe (305).

Anyone remember having a line that big?

I see a lot of third down packages now with Philips-Ayers-Williams-Wolfe or Philips-Williams-Wolfe-Ayers, with Von being the fifth rusher and man-press coverage.

Del Rio has run that defense his whole career.
Our Base D will probably have Vickerson in..

Ayers (275), Vickerson (330+), Knighton (330+), Wolfe (290) I think Wolfe plays a little lighter this season, so he's even more explosive.

Sly will get a healthy rotation and will play passing downs.

And Seattle plays with a very comparable DLine, they have 3 guys over 300 pounds in their base defense, with the RDE, Avril/Clemons being the lightweight.

But we have a much better set of pass rushers and great scheme flexibility. I think our DLine just got way better!
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