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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
If Bush senior acted when the Kurds were gassed, yes it would hve be justified. W, Cheney, Rumsfieldand the rest of cronies made **** up to invaded.

No I am not worried Al-Queda is attempting to "lure" the US in, that plan make no sense and they are not the evil geniuses from a Hollywood movie.

As for Africa, you are not paying attention to the fact that US and its allies are deeply involved in attempting to stabilize that area through military and diplomatic support/aid.
Bush did more for Africa then any other President ever. In fact it's said he may have save 10 million lives. Aids drugs dropped from 4000 a yr to 125 a yr under Bush. What pisses me off is liberals paint him to be not just stupid, but not a good person and its BS. Thats why its so funny when liberals want us to give Obama a break, give him some slack.
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