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Pretty happy with it, given the Saints' obvious handicaps going into the draft:

1. Desmond Trufant - Took him with the 17th pick, Atlanta traded up to grab him at 22. The Saints did go DB here, but took Vaccaro instead.

3. Sio Moore - I took him at 75 overall, he went 66 overall to Oakland. So a small bit of value gained.

4. John Simon - Took him at 109, the Ravens took him in the real draft at 129, so some loss of value in terms of draft position, but I like that he was selected by a team that plays a similar style to what New Orleans will be playing in the future, implying that they see the same hybrid OLB/DE role for him that I do.

5. Lavar Edwards - Selected at 144 by me, went 142 in the real draft so pretty much right where he should have gone.

6A. Hugh Thornton - I used 183 to get him, the Colts took him at 86. Huge value pick here, used a mid-sixth to grab a 3rd rounder.

6B. Aaron Mellette - Used 192 to select him, missed by about a round worth of value when the Ravens took him at 238.

6C. Josh Boyd - Selected with 197 in the mock draft, selected in the real draft by the Packers at 167. Especially like that he was taken by a 3-4 team with designs on using him at nose tackle, the same role I envisioned for him in New Orleans.

Wish I could have ran into better value at safety with my selections, but frequently saw guys I liked go just a few picks before my selection and I didn't have the picks to spare in a move up. To make matters worse, I felt the real value at safety in this class was in the 2nd round and the Saints didn't have a 2nd to use, so to feel real good about it I would have had to finagle my 1st all the way back to the 2nd, which isn't exactly easy in a draft where everyone wants to trade down.

The fact that I got such good value on Thronton and to some extent Boyd makes me pretty pleased with my draft though because the OM mock draft typically over drafts the fatties by my estimation, so finding value there takes some work.
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