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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
What about when Saddam gassed the Kurds. Would have you supported taking him out then? is it just Bush jr waited too long for you to support that? Because he killed just as many Kurds as assad killing civilians now. Also in Africa we have tons of civilians killed in civil wars. Why are liberals so easily brought along for Syria?

Also Syria is winning why would they risk using chemcial weapons? Aren't you worried its just a ploy by al queda to get us into the war?
If Bush senior acted when the Kurds were gassed, yes it would hve be justified. W, Cheney, Rumsfieldand the rest of cronies made **** up to invaded.

No I am not worried Al-Queda is attempting to "lure" the US in, that plan make no sense and they are not the evil geniuses from a Hollywood movie.

As for Africa, you are not paying attention to the fact that US and its allies are deeply involved in attempting to stabilize that area through military and diplomatic support/aid.

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