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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I love football season. I love the Broncos. And then the part a lot of you don't like.....I really do love it when we hurt other players. Remember when Dennis Smith knocked out Nate Lewis from the Chargers at Mile High that one yr? They had to take his facemask off it was all crushed into his bloody face. Ahhhh the good ole days.

I still say if our defense is to take the next leap we need our dirty player. We need that nasty guy who gets other players out of their game. People around here don't like to admit what Romo meant to our Superbowl teams but i still think he was vital. Also those big hits from Atwater back then served notice. We just don't seem to have a true intimidator outside of Von and truthfully he's sort of nice. He seems like the kind of player RT are like well Vons a great guy I don't mind too much he just crushed my QB. He's so affable!.
So much has changed since the days of Smith/Atwater... in today's game, they would be getting fined and/or suspended on a weekly basis. Nevermind what Goodell would do to the likes of Deacon Jones, Jack Lambert, Jack Tatum or Dick Butkus.
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