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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
For some reason, run defense from the RDE position is really in vogue this off-season on this board. It's not that important.
Obviously, it's important to have a complete player who can do both. Dumervil, Demarcus Ware, James Harrison, Terrell Suggs, John Abraham, are all complete DE's (to name a few).

Offenses are starting to go no huddle more and more. Having versatile, complete players is by far more preferable.

Like Tom Brady said, after beating the Broncos in 2012, "They had a lot of light players in Nickel, so we ran on them. When they had their base defense in, we threw the ball".

Bellichick, though I hate him, has spent his last two top picks on players that are (theoretically) complete DE's.

If Quanterus Smith is in, I'm running straight at him. At least we have Shaun Phillips, now.
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