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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
There's such a thing as obvious passing situations. Smith will offer immediate value in those situations I suspect. I'm not saying he shouldn't strive to get stronger and more stout against the run or develop some power pass rush moves, but you seem to be undervaluing how good a speed rusher the kid is. He was a very good pick. Pretty much as good as Damontre Moore which so many wanted us to use our 1st rounder on, and probably would've gone in the same neighborhood (2nd-3rd round) had he not had the injury issues.
I'm not saying it's a bad pick. Smith in the 5th round is great value. Elway and Fox are saying he's "here to rush the passer" too, so they view him like we do. Pretty much one dimensional. You can tell they know what they want out of the guy...even if I minimize the value of a situational player. It's kinda like the Trevathan can only play him in certain situations. Can't wait to see how Trevathan develops. Smith's development may follow a similar trajectory.

I see Damontre Moore as a complete DE, because he's good rushing the passer, and against the run. Coughlin is better at picking DE's than anyone in the NFL. I suspect Moore is next in a long line of Giant's phenoms.
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