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Originally Posted by bpc View Post
Not sure if you comprehend. Wide shoulders, big frame, = big body. He's nowhere near his final weight and in fact, he probably won't play next year. It will be a red-shirt campaign for him. He needs to sit, heal, learn, focus on technique and add weight so he can compete in 14'. Fill out that "BIG BODY FRAME" he has and he'll end up around 275-285 carrying his weight well. When that happens, he can play DE on run downs and move inside on pass rushing downs, exactly what we do with Ayers & Wolfe. Both of those guys lack the exceptional quickness to play on the edge all three downs, something I see when watching Smith as well.
his frame is likely to be able to expand but i don't think he'll ever be stout in the areas of his body he would need to be in to ever play DT or inside.
he looks more like a 260-270 type that wears it well but looks lanky and a bit small.

i don't think he can hold 275-285 and play as a very explosive player.
that type of weight gain is normally seen in the jump from HS to college.
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