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I don't pretend to be an expert at all. And this ain't rocket science.

Yeah, skinny speed-rusher. Sounds about right. Can't afford to have guys getting owned in the run game while in Nickel Defense. That's a liability. I guess that makes Smith strictly a "package" guy for now (in my book). Should be able to figure out how good of a pass-rusher he is in the first few days of training camp.
There's such a thing as obvious passing situations. Smith will offer immediate value in those situations I suspect. I'm not saying he shouldn't strive to get stronger and more stout against the run or develop some power pass rush moves, but you seem to be undervaluing how good a speed rusher the kid is. He was a very good pick. Pretty much as good as Damontre Moore which so many wanted us to use our 1st rounder on, and probably would've gone in the same neighborhood (2nd-3rd round) had he not had the injury issues.
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