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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Now time for me to rant

In all seriousness; I'm so sick of seeing the rangers. I think the series is a coin flip to be honest but 4 times in 5 years. Sick of seeing them.

My 3 keys for caps:

1) holtby must match lundqvist
2) Oates has to outsmart torts/mcdonagh in making Ovie dangerous and tricky. Mcdonagh was very good at defending the "old" ovie
3) torts is on thin ice with the players. If the caps can hold serve, get things tp snowball on NY early in series and get torts pointing fingers; torts will be ex-coach of nyr before the 2nd round begins
Good points. I think this one will go 6 or 7, either way.

West match ups are set. I think Chicago will win in 5. The Ducks will fend off Detroit in 6 tough games. Vancouver and SJ too close to call. I think STL and LA will be a terrific series. LA has played well against them but STL is a team that is deep defensively and I wouldn't be shocked if they were in the Final.

As for the East we will see tomorrow if we get the Isles or Ottawa. I think we would trash NYI defense. Just trash it. But they would exploit our PK...early and often. Ottawa getting Karlsson back is big and Anderson could steal games but I don't think they can generate enough goals. We should beat either club in 5 or 6 games.
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