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TJ Ward!

Originally Posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
He's a third down rusher.... which is really what Doom was, he was just really good at the one thing.

This is a much better value signing, that allows a very solid starter in Ayers get a final chance to prove himself (in a contract year).

Our line will be rotational next year, but when you look at the base package and notice Williams weighed in a 323 in ESPN Sports Science our line is freaking huge:

RDE: Ayers (275), UT: Williams (323), NT: Knighton (335), LDE: Wolfe (305).

Anyone remember having a line that big?

I see a lot of third down packages now with Philips-Ayers-Williams-Wolfe or Philips-Williams-Wolfe-Ayers, with Von being the fifth rusher and man-press coverage.

Del Rio has run that defense his whole career.
Yeah, I think there will be a nice rotation going on at every position on the d-line. However, I think Phillips might get the start at RDE instead of Ayers (depending on TC), and Big Vick will start the game off instead of Williams (depending on TC however TC might change that, but they will split the PT anyway).
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