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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
how do you feel about Teo?
I think he was a good pick. Yeah he comes with some media fanfare but all he has to do is play wel and it will be forgotten being here. Our team doesnt really get a lot of media coverage so it wont be a big circus for him here at all like it would be in NY or NE.
He isnt fast but he plays fast, has good instincts and is best in zone coverage which we play more of.
He isnt Junior Seau but he is a good player and i didnt like giving up a pick for hi givin our needs situation but Spikes was old and even slower and couldnt cover anyone so he is an upgrade for years to come.

We still need a LT so obviously they didnt take care of everything. I expect them to bring in a vet like McKinnie or maybe Jason Peters will be on the trade block now in Philly.

Im not about to claim we have a shot to compete for the division but i do like what the new regime is doing so far. AJ Smith kinda of screwed us this year for the salary cap. Next year will be better.
I dont know how McCoy feels about Royal since he had him in Denver but his salary is a burden as well this year and he was hurt most the season last year. I expect him and Floyd to be gone after this season and maybe Meachem unless he steps up this year.

And look, im not going to say Shaun Phillips sucks and act like a dik because he isnt with us but seriously, they guy is a big mouth. Follow him on twitter and you will see what a dumbas* he is. And he will get some sacks for sure but he isnt a clutch player. Another guy we were glad to see go.

Time for Ingram to take his spot and see what he can do now as a fulltime starter.

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