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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
This is why Obama is requesting further evidence. It's also what the administration is referring to when they release a statement speaking of past intelligence failures that have led to war.

Let the UN verify it, if it turns out to be true, they can organize the intervention. I'm sure we'll be involved, but I would not like our troops leading the charge again.

Never happen. Of course we're going to get involved. Of course we're going to lead it. Add another few hundred or so American deaths to the rolls, all in the name of "stability" in a region that has never had any stability, no matter who was president, D or R.
Until we can control who comes into power we should sit it out no matter what. Then if we go in we go in full force and we decide how the govt transitions. Not AlQueda. So liberals better make sure they know what they are supporting and not just give up their beliefs because its going to be Obama pulling the trigger.
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